Text Relay connects people using a textphone with people using a telephone or another textphone. It lets deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired people stay in touch with friends and family, and call businesses over the telephone. More about us

Using Text Relay

If you're using a textphone (sometimes called a Minicom) or you're calling someone from a standard telephone and think the person at the other end may have a textphone, Text Relay will connect you. It's a fully automated service so, when required, relay assistants provide a text-to-voice and voice-to-text translation service.

Making a call from a textphone

If you're making a call from a textphone, Text Relay will take care of your call, so you can communicate with the person you're calling.

Dial 18001 + number
Dial 18000 for EMERGENCY calls

Making a call from a telephone

If you're making a call from a telephone and you think the person you're calling may answer the call using a textphone, Text Relay will allow you to communicate.

Dial 18002 + number

What it costs

Calls are charged at your telecommunications provider's standard rates. You may also be able to get a refund from your provider for the text part of your call.

What you need

You can use Text Relay with a textphone, telephone, mobile, or use your PC as a textphone.

Related services

In addition to Text Relay, there are lots of other ways to stay in touch. Find out more about text messaging, email, instant messaging and more.

Good for business

An estimated half a million people in the UK are unable to use a standard telephone so widening your customer base to include them makes excellent business sense.

Support and advice


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Download user guides and find out how to turn your PC into a textphone.

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